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Combinations Table

This is an Addon that changes the way of how default attributes appear on product pages in PrestaShop. List your product's combinations as a table with sort, filters and other useful features. Your customers will have possibility to easily browse your offer - especially if your products have variants (attributes). This addon just makes your product pages more useful and with more than 50 features - its one from the most advanced plugins like this.

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Advanced configuration

Personalize this module with more than 50 features to use


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Module supports PrestaShop's multistore feature


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Combinations table features

Each module in PrestaShop have a configuration page usually. You can manage the module settings there. This module has it as well. Configuration page of this addon with its options to activate / deactivate gives possibility to highly personalize plugin and its workflow. You - as a shop admin - can control how this module will beheave on product pages + you can personalize appearance aspects with css styles to make it suitable to your shop's template. Below you can find full list of this plugin features with short description and explanation of how module's feature works.

Configuration page of module

  1. Select position of table on product page
  2. Select type of tabs that module will create (if you will use option to display it as a tab)
  3. Filters feature
    Filters feature gives possiiblity to filter table with combinations and display only selected combiations (for example product variants with "red" color or "XL" size)
  4. Display Image
  5. Display image column if there is at least one combination with picture
  6. Use default product image for combinations without associated pictures
  7. Enable fancybox zoom to enlarge detailed product/combination picture
  8. Image size to display as a thumb
  9. Image size to display as zoomed image
  10. Click and switch combination
  11. Attributes display method
    where you can display all attributes of combination in one column or display attributes in each column separately
  12. Attribute associations with shop (multistore).
    If you run shop in multistore environment you can disable attribute values (like "color: white") in selected shop. You can decide here what module will do with combination that is created with attribute value that is no longer available in shop
  13. Include label to attribute name
    This option - when enabled - will include attribute label(name) near the attribute value.
    Attribute with label example: Color: red Size: L
    Attribute without label example: red, L
  14. Color attribute
    If your product will have a color attribute you can decide how module will display it:
    Display as color
    Display as text
    Display as color + text
  15. Hide table header
  16. Hide out of stock combinations
  17. Hide combinations with price = 0
  18. Show only combinations with associated pictures
  19. Display price
  20. Display price for logged customers only
  21. Show tax label
    Option when active will display tax label information like tax incl. / tax excl.
  22. Prices without tax
    You can decide what type of price to show (tax excluded, tax included) or use option to use prestashp's group settings where you can decide about price type to display individually for each group of customers
  23. Calculate and show percentage discount value
    If there will be a discount, module can calculate the percentage discount value and display it.
  24. Display reference
  25. Display EAN13
  26. Display weight
  27. Display combination name
  28. Display available quantity
  29. Display sum of available quantity
    Option when active will display total sum of product quantity (sum of various combinations) near "quantity" heading
  30. Hide quantity above defined value
    If you want to hide exact stock information you can enable this option. Module will hide exact information if your stock will be higher than value defined below
  31. Define quantity value (hide qty above)
  32. Display availability
  33. Display minimal quantity required to purchase
  34. Display volume discounts (quantity discounts)
  35. Display availability date
    This option will display availability date of product that is out of stock. Date wil appear in Availabiltiy column.
  36. Display add to cart
  37. Add to cart only for logged customers
    Option when will be active will display "add to cart" feature only for logged customers
  38. Add to cart - use FontAwesome icon
    In PrestaShop 1.7 default icons are "material icons". Some themes uses FontAwesome instead. If you do not see add to cart icon, turn this option on to activate fontAwesome support.
  39. Display add to cart quantity field>
  40. Display [+] and [-] near quantity field
  41. Block possibility to increase quantity to values higher than available combination's stock
  42. Sort feature
    Option when it is enabled gives possibility to sort table by all columns
  43. Sort by price
    If enabled - sort by attribute will not work, module will enable option to sort by price only
  44. Sort by attribute
    Option when it is enabled will automatically sort the table by given attribute. When it is enabled it is necessary to define attribute ID below
  45. Sort order (ascending / descending)
  46. Pagination
    If enabled - module will create pagination for matrix. You will be able to explore the list of combinations with pagination feature. If you will enable this option don't forget to define number of products per page below.
  47. Number of combinations per page
  48. AJAX cart
  49. Add to cart in bulk
    Add to cart in bulk works only with AJAX Cart. This option disables default button to add combination to cart. Add to cart in bulk is an option to add several types of products to cart with one mouse click. As a customer you have just to fill out quantity fields near combinations with value you want to add to cart, then below the matrix press "add products to cart" - all of products with filled quantity field will be added to the cart
  50. price summary of selected combinations
    Option - when enabled will show price summary of selected combinations (works with add to cart in bulk feature)
  51. Hide default add to cart feature
    This option removes default add to cart form from product page, it removes this button from products defined in "product restrictions" section
  52. Hide "add to cart" default feature only if product has combinations
  53. Custom contents above the combinations table
    You can define custom contents that will appear above the table with combinations
  54. Appearance restrictions
    Decide on what product pages module will appear
  55. Module visibility for selected products
    Show module for selected products
    Show module for all products
    Exclude module from selected shop pages
  56. Module visibility for selected products associated with selected categories
    You can also display module for products associated with selected categories.
  57. Exclude combinations from table
    If you want you can point an exact product combination to hide from combinations table. This selected combination will not appear as a part of combinations table module on product page.

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